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    May 17, 2010 · Jadau, Jadtar, Jadaii. Western Name – Bezel set Gemstone Jewelry. Style Inspiration – Persians and Mughals. Later was greatly patronized by the Rajputs of Rajasthan from the 16th century. Identity – Traditional Jadau jewellery has stones encrusted on one side and colorful and intricate meenakari on the reverse.Reviews: 8

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    Indian jewelleries are of different types. Jewelleries are being traditionally designed such as nose rings, earrings, bracelets, crowns, rings, anklets, amulets and necklaces, in any metal and styles are found in India. The range of jewellery in India varies from religious to purely aesthetic types. Jewellery is crafted not only for humans but also for the gods. Different regions of India have unique jewellery making styles.

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    In the North, where a bride is adorned with solah shringar or sixteen items of adornment, her jewellery would include maang teeka, baju band, haar, kangan, bichchu, payal, rings, jhumka, and kamar band.

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    Traditional Thewa jewellery. Contemporary Thewa Accesories. Filigree Jewellery. Moving away from the north western jewellery centres of India, the east also offers unique Indian gold jewellery designs in the form of Filigree work. Indian gold jewellery designs using Filigree are also called Telkari jewellery meaning wire work jewellery.

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