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10g 2.5mm Body jewelry gauges 10 gauge
    Solid Brass Tsabit Design with AB Swarovski Crystal Flowers. $119.95 (pair) 10g. Brass Tear Dew Drop Design with Golden Obsidian. $79.95 (pair) 10g. Silver Round Dew …

Shop Body Jewelry by Gauge: 10g - Body Jewelry for Your Body
    Shop Body Jewelry by Gauge: 10g, Styles: Barbells: Circular,Barbells: Curved,Barbells: Straight,Captive Beads,Clickers,Ends: Threaded,Eyelets & Flesh Tunnels,Hanging Designs - Metal,Hanging Designs - Organic,Labrets,Nose Bones,Nose Rings,O-Rings,Pinchers,Plugs,Rings: Captive Bead,Rings: Continuous,Rings: Fixed Bead,Rings: Segment,Screw-on Ball Rings,Septum Retainers,Septum …

10 g (2.5mm) - Body Jewelry Shop King's Body Jewelry
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10g 2.5mm Body jewelry gauges 10 gauge
    94 photos. SALE 15% OFF $10.95 to $14.95. Titanium Single Flare Plug. $9.31 - $12.71. 12g - 00g/10mm. 19 photos. Steel Mini Staple Septum Retainer. $3.95. 16g - 10g.

10g Gauges, plugs & tunnels 10g gauge ear - Body jewelry
    Steel Gemmed Halo Threaded Tunnel. $9.95 - $23.95 (pair) 10g - 1". 3 photos. Gold Coated Single Flare Eyelets. $5.95 - $13.95. 14g - 1-3/16". 9 photos. Single Flare Nephrite Jade Plugs.

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