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10-Karat vs. 14-Karat Gold: Which Should You Buy?
    Although the lower gold content of 10K jewelry may make people think of it as low quality, this alloy is actually harder than 14K gold and can be more durable. Since gold is a very soft metal, having less of it means that a 10K alloy is harder than purer gold mixtures.

10K vs. 14K Gold Necklace: What Is the Difference?
    The percentage of gold content is one of the main differences between 10K and 14K gold necklaces. 10K yellow gold chain necklace 10-karat gold contains 10 parts pure gold and 14 parts additional metals such as zinc, palladium, copper, tin, etc. 14-karat gold, in …

10K vs 14K Gold - What to Buy? Naturally Colored
    14 karat gold is four parts purer than 10 karat gold - or, in other words, around 17% purer. While the alloying metals do not differ from those used within 10 karat gold (either base, or precious), the result is a much warmer and more vivid coloration - although it still isn’t as vivid as pure gold.

10K vs. 14K Gold: Which is Better? The Diamond Pro
    Feb 16, 2021 · The specific metals used in this type of gold vary depending on the gold’s color. When you buy a 14k engagement ring, 58.3% of the ring is made of pure gold. 10K gold is 10 parts pure gold mixed with 14 parts other metals. When you buy an engagement ring that’s made of 10k gold, approximately 41.7% of the ring is made of pure gold.

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