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12g 2mm Body jewelry 12 gauge
    14g - 2g. Titanium Internally Threaded Bezel Set End. $13.95 - $16.95. 18g/16g - 14g/12g. 14K Gold Rueda Internally Threaded End. $209.95. 14g/12g. Titanium Prong Set Faceted Gem Internally Threaded End. $14.95 - $16.95.

2.0mm (12 Gauge) Body Jewellery
    2.0mm (12 Gauge) Body Jewellery 2.0mm (12 Gauge) Body Jewellery A little larger than standard piercings, 2.0mm piercing jewellery is perfect for all sorts of body piercings. We have a wide range of 2mm piercing jewellery, from basic ball closure rings too beautiful glass twists.

PTFE Body Jewelry
    Acrylic Body Jewelry. Gold Plated Body Jewelry. Natural Organic Body Jewelry. PVD Plated Body Jewelry. PTFE Body Jewelry. Titanium Body Jewelry. Glass Body Jewelry. Items 1 - 20 of 100.

About PTFE Flexible Body Piercing Jewelry
    PTFE is a type of fluoropolymer which has numerous applications including flexible body piercing jewelry. Most commonly used as a non stick coating for cookware, PTFE also has many other uses including the newest and (at least for our purposes) most important use - body piercing jewelry!

Wholesale Flexible Body Piercing Jewelry & PTFE
    Wholesale Flexible Body Piercing Jewelry & PTFE. Click on product images to view full details. Anyone with a body piercing knows that poking a hole in your body and filling it with a hard metal object can lead to varying levels and frequencies of discomfort. Bubble Body Jewelry Ptfe Barbell With Surgical ...
    Bubble Body Jewelry Ptfe Labret Pin 1.6mm Gauge 14g $7.99 - $8.99 JFORYOU 6 Style Pregnancy Maternity Flexible Bioplast Long Belly Button Rings Navel Retainer Body Piercing 14G 1&1/2 Inch LengthBrand, Seller, or Collection Name: Bubble Body Piercing

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