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How often will my white gold ring need to be rhodium ...
    Jul 27, 2007 · Nearly all white gold jewelry sold in the U.S. market is rhodium plated. All 14k and 18k white golds are alloyed with other white metals to achieve a white look. Given that both of these alloys are predominantly pure yellow gold (14k is 58.5% pure and 18k is 75% pure), the resulting color isn’t absolutely white like platinum .

10K vs. 14K vs. 18K White Gold: What Is the Difference?
    1 karat denotes gold content of 1/24 th (or about 4.17%), so white gold that is 20 karats, for example, will contain about 83.3% pure gold.. How 10-Karat, 14-Karat, and 18-Karat White Gold Differ Purity. As you can see from their karat numbers, 10-karat, 14-karat, and 18-karat white gold differ from each other with respect to how much gold they contain:

Why does your white gold turn yellow ... - American Express
    Pure gold is always yellow. In fact, white gold does not exist in nature. Pure, 24 karat gold is too soft to be used in jewelry and that’s why it’s mixed with other metals that make it durable enough to be worn daily. These metals include copper, silver, nickel, palladium and zinc.

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