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How to Keep White Gold from Losing Its Color and Turning ...
    The best way to preserve the color of your white gold jewelry, apart from not wearing it, is to have it replated. Replating is a procedure through which the jeweler adds a new layer of rhodium to your jewelry. The price you will pay for this service will depend on how worn out the original rhodium coating is and how thick the new layer will be.

What is 14K Gold and How To Identify It Jewelry Auctioned
    The stamp may appear small and in a hidden area, but you should be able to see the letters “14K” “583” or “587”. A 14K stamp denotes karatage, and the 583 or 587 indicate the percentage of pure gold in the jewelry, i.e. 58.3%. Though the stamps are different, they indicate the same factor: the jewelry is certified 14K gold.

How to Fix Tarnished Gold LEAFtv
    Pure gold does not react with oxygen, which means it is unlikely to tarnish. However, many pieces of gold jewelry have other metals mixed in, causing the gold to become tarnished or discolored. You can easily fix a piece of tarnished gold jewelry. All you have to do is carefully clean it to restore its original color …

14k Gold Cremation Jewelry In The Light Urns Color: Gold
    The 14K gold Pendants are made from 100% 14 karat gold. It will match with any other beautiful 14k pendant you may own. Only this one is special, it holds remembrance and a lot of love and memories inside. This pendant holding cremains is one of the most meaningful purchases you will make. We can create any gold ash pendant you would like.

Which 14k Gold Color Should I Choose? FreshTrends Body ...
    Aug 19, 2019 · It might seem as though yellow gold is purer than rose or white gold since it doesn’t have to be mixed with anything to gain its color, but 14k gold is the same purity, no matter the color. Gold is incredibly malleable, which makes it an excellent material to create intricate jewelry pieces, but a horrible material for durability.

Why would yellow gold turn silver?
    Aug 08, 2008 · 2007. A. Medications in the wearer's system, especially certain antibiotics, can also cause jewelry to blacken or discolor. In some rare cases, the wearer's basic body chemistry reacts to the alloys in both gold and silver and cause tarnishing. A solution to both of these situations may often be had by wearing a higher karat of jewelry: 18K or 22K instead of 14K.

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