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Gold Horseshoe Rings and Gold Captive Bead ... - Body Jewelry
    14K Solid Gold Captives & Horseshoe Rings. Here we have a great collection of 14k solid gold captive bead rings and horseshoe rings. We also carry 14k solid white gold captive rings and horseshoe rings. Variety of sizes available. All our gold captive rings and horseshoe rings are the highest quality. var addthis_pub="bodyjewelry";

Captive Bead Ring 14k Solid Gold (18 Gauge) Body Jewelry
    Special Price:$59.99. 14k solid gold captive bead ball closure ring. Can be used for nipple ring, belly ring, cartilage earring and clit ring. High quality body jewelry.

14K Solid Gold Nipple Captive Ball Closure Bead Ring Body ...
    The supreme quality body jewelry has been made of 14k gold duly and properly stamped and marked. 14 gauge body jewelry comes in solid white gold color coupled with a superb fine finishing. The gold body jewelry has a warranty of 1 year plus 30 days money back guarantee. The dimensions of 14k gold body jewelry are 1.5mm x 14.3mm.2.1/5(3)

Gold Captive Bead Rings Gold Captive Rings
    Gold Captive Bead Rings - We offer a nice assortment of 14k gold captive bead rings, segment rings, seamless rings, and daith rings that you can use in earlobe piercings, nipple piercings, septum piercings, and more! Most of our gold captive rings are custom-made to your specifications, in the style, diameter and gauge you choose, and all of our top-of-the-line gold captive rings are precision ... Solid 14k Yellow Gold Ball Captive Ring 14 ...
    Solid 14k yellow gold ball captive BCR ring offers a 5mm ball and can be used for multiple piercings including helix, tragus, and eyebrow. Specifications: 14 Gauge (1.6mm), 9/16" (14mm), Solid 14k Yellow Gold…5/5(1)

Gold Captive Bead Rings Gold Body Jewelry
    Buy trendy Gold Captive Bead Rings made of 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k solid gold. We offer Gold Bead Rings in many exclusive designs at best prices.

14k Solid Gold Body Jewelry
    Shop for high quality 14kt gold body piercing jewelry at, we also provide various designs in gold diamond jewelry. ... Captive Bead Rings (200) Circular Horse Shoe (96) Twister Rings (57) ... 14k Solid Gold Toe Rings (6) Gift and Holiday Jewelry Internally Solid Titanium ...

14K Gold Body Jewelry
    We carry a large selection of 14k gold body jewelry. Our unique collection of 14k solid gold body jewelry is sure to please. Some other stores sell imitation gold body jewelry that can be a breeding ground for bacteria, sells only the best! We carry 14k gold belly rings, nose rings, captives, barbells and labrets.

Clickers, captive rings / cbrs, seamless, & segment rings
    Body Jewelry Balls/Ends. Beads. Belly Rings. Captive Rings . Circular Barbells ... 14K Gold Archimedes Seamless Ring. $304.95 . 16g Steel Star Lined Side Clicker. $9.95 . 20g 14K Gold Spike Clicker. $169.95 - $239.95. 16g Beaded Gem Captive Ring. $4.95 . 16g Titanium Gemmed Huggie Clickers. $29.95 . 18g - 16g Titanium Side Set Gemmed Clicker ...

Body Jewelry, Piercing Jewelry, & Wholesale Jewelry ...
    You can also browse by jewelry material, such as glass or gold, and we carry a wide variety of plugs, tunnels, pendants, and more made of organic materials such as bone, stone, wood, gems, and coral. Whatever your jewelry needs, make sure you purchase all your body jewelry from Painful Pleasures or a local, trusted piercing shop to guarantee ...

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