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Silver Necklace 325 Italy
    Silver Necklace 325 Italy 5 5700 Reviews. Silver necklace 325 italycan be found at it will make you the center of attraction in the party. whiteSilver necklace 325 italyis not put camphor ball or put in the camphor wood box, otherwise will be yellow. ericdress ring always cannot than others. the products,Silver necklace 325 italyare designed by great designers, chosen with good ...

Comments for gold chain 'star' 325 VI
    Jennifer, you mentioned your gold chain is stamped ITALY. This is a big clue. 325 is normally a gold content or purity mark = 9 carat gold BUT not in the case of your gold Italian chain. As 18K is the common gold standard mark for Italy, the 14K Italian chain was made for the foreign market.

What does the stamp 325 mean on jewelry? - Answers
    Sep 11, 2007 · That indicates the purity of the metal. Coins and gold bars are usually 999,9 out of 1000. In this case, the item contains 325 out of 1000 parts of pure (gold). In jewelry, the rest is usually ...

Old Gold Ring - What Does 325 Hallmark Mean?
    1. 'fineness' which expresses the amount of gold in parts out of 1000; 2. the ‘percentage’ of pure gold. For example, 18 carat gold fineness is expressed as 750 fineness (of 1000) It is the standard international caratage. 325 is the gold fineness expressed as 325% gold (to 1000). it is not a common gold standard. Need to know the Value?

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