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Anglo-Saxon British Museum : Museum of Jewelry
    Anglo-Saxon British Museum. A unique and beautiful collection of British Museum reproductions from The Museum of Jewelry in San Francisco, Ca. Our gift shop stocks an assortment of museum replicas in gold, gold-vermeil, and silver designed by Shashi Singapuri, Laurel Burch and Kim Ericson. Hide filters.

Anglo-Saxon Jewelry : Museum of Jewelry
    A unique and beautiful collection of reproduction and period inspired Anglo-Saxon jewelry offered by The Museum of Jewelry in San Francisco, Ca. Our gift shop stocks a selection of middle-ages earrings, rings and pendants in 24k gold vermeil, 14k gold and silver. …

finger-ring British Museum
    Okasha 1971 / Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Non-Runic Inscriptions (107) Webster et al 1984 / The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art 966 to 1066 (10) Tait 1976 / Jewellery Through 7000 Years (446) Tait 1986a / Seven Thousand Years of Jewellery (568) Webster & Backhouse 1991 / The Making of England: Anglo-Saxon art and culture, AD 600-900 (244)

Visit resource: Anglo-Saxons British Museum
    Explore the end of Roman Britain, Anglo-Saxon culture and the Vikings. In this resource, students are encouraged to study objects in more detail, looking for different patterns and designs, making links between objects and crafts and considering why certain materials have survived better than others. Curriculum link: History.

Secrets of Anglo-Saxon Gold - Revealed in exciting new ...
    Oct 20, 2014 · A unique scientific study conducted at the British Museum has revealed insights into the world of Anglo Saxon goldsmiths.For the first time researchers have ...Author: History West Midlands

Sutton Hoo and Europe British Museum
    It also shows that the world of great halls, glittering treasures and formidable warriors described in Anglo-Saxon poetry was not a myth. Edith Pretty donated the finds to the British Museum in 1939, and they now form a stunning centrepiece to this gallery. The site at Sutton Hoo is managed by the National Trust.

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