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    Anglo-Saxon Jewelry. Anglo-Saxon jewelry thrived in England from the first Germanic invasions in the early 5th century A.D. to the Norman Conquest in 1066. Of such besides there was store enough, heirlooms old, the earth below, which some earl forgotten, in ancient years, left the last of his lofty race, heedfully there had hidden away,

Anglo-Saxon Jewellery: Facts and Information - Primary Facts
    Jan 13, 2017 · Anglo-Saxon jewellery, especially metalwork, was admired as far away as Italy. Saxon goldsmiths worked on decorations for St. Peter’s church in Rome, although few pieces have survived. Both men and women liked to wear jewellery in Anglo-Saxon times. Necklaces and bracelets were made from glass beads, amber and amethyst, and women fastened ...

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    Jewellery was worn by both Anglo-Saxon women and men. Gemstones such as amethyst and amber and glass beads were used to make simple bracelets and necklaces. Women fastened their dresses at the shoulder with a pair of brooches. Men fastened cloaks with brooches and had elaborate belt buckles.

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    Jewellery Care ; Shipping ; More. Saxon 400-800 AD - Historical Replica Shop. Shop > Saxon 400-800 AD. A range of Anglo Saxon items from 4th to 9th century AD. Due to current work volume the ability to purchase items is temporarily disabled. Products In This Category: Horned Head Pendant 2; Carlton Coleville Man Pendant ...

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    Anglo Saxon Jewellery. The Anglo-Saxons were iconic people in the history of the UK. They inhabited the country from the 5th Century all the way to the 12th. This period is perhaps most well known for the interesting and unforgettable styles depicted in paintings from the era. People were often shown wearing the finest Anglo-Saxon jewellery.

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    Anglo-Saxon Pendant (4024) Dimensions: 40.9mm in Diameter x 2.3mm width (3.7mm rim edge width) Weight: 19.2 grams. Material: Sterling Silver .925. From the 5 th to the 11 th centuries CE the Island of Great Britain was inhabited and ruled over by the Anglo-Saxons. A race descended from the Germanic tribes who emigrated to the island mixed with ...

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    Anglo-Saxon jewellery. Men and women's garments were fastened by brooches, buckles, clasps and pins. Jewellery could be created from a variety of metals, including iron, copper alloy (bronze), silver or gold, or a combinations metals. The precious metals were obtained by melting down older metal objects, including Roman coins.

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