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Livit - Spanish Silver Jewelry
    Created from the spanish jewelry manufacturer b&g. Chunky silver-plated metal ring, shaped like a sand hourglass. An extravagant, unique jewel that draws attention for its originality and simplicity. Designed and crafted by UNO de 50. Round shaped silver ring which is engraved with Aztec symbols.

Spanish jewelry masters list Buy from Spain
    In a similar path, Apodemia is a chain of stores which sells exclusive designer jewelry created by a team of designers led by Jimena Von Knobloch. Jewelry 24/7 delicate and inspired by Nature. Spanish, but of international vocation, Apodemia is created around the members of their community, although their butterflies are the main focus of ...Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Damascene Jewelry Toledo Gold Hand Crafted in Toledo Spain
    Damascene Pin Brooch G-4181. Discover our selection of the most recognized jewelry from Toledo Spain, damasquino. Our authentic damascene pieces feature quality steel inlaid with 24 karat gold or sterling silver. Some items etched in Renaissance patterns depict birds and flowers, while others feature geometric Arabesque designs.

Original Statement Jewelry UNOde50 – Fall Collection 2020
    UNO de 50 jewelry is a famous, high end Spanish jewellery and accessories brand. The company was founded in the 1990s by a group of artistic and rebellious designers with the idea to make 50 units of each design. The original statement jewelry is for non-conventional people, the ones who look for something different. Chunky costume jewellery in ...

Our pick of the best Spanish jewellery Global Blue
    May 21, 2018 · Eugenio Lumbreras Brown & Rose ring, €2,750. Founded in 1976, Eugenio Lumbreras creates fine jewellery that is designed and made by hand in Spain using top-quality materials. The brand’s skilled goldsmiths create stunning pieces featuring emeralds, pearls and more. The brand’s most recent collection mixes rose gold, natural brown diamonds ...

Mel Fisher's Treasures - Authentic Shipwreck Treasure ...
    Thousands of artifacts, silver coins, gold coins, many in near mint condition, period and earlier amazing Spanish objects and wares, exquisite jewelry set with precious stones, gold chains, a variety of armaments and even seeds (which later sprouted!) was recovered. The immensity of the Atocha's treasure is staggering.

UNOde50: Unique jewelry for women and men
    Buy online UNOde50's Fall/Winter 2020 collection of jewelry and accessories for enigmatic women and men. Original handcrafted jewelry made in Spain. #trendy

1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet Shipwreck Coins and Coin ...
    1715 Fleet Shipwreck Spanish Half Reale "Piece of 8" 14K and Sterling Silver Necklace Artifact #5956 $ 550.00 USD 1715 Fleet Shipwreck Rare 4 Reale Piece of Eight 14K Gold Necklace - the Mel Fisher Cobb Coin Company Collection Artifact #5875 $ 1,790.00 USD

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