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Official Website WELLENDORFF - Jewellery
    Wellendorff is known worldwide for the finest made in Germany goldsmithing. The jewellery manufactory specialises in jewellery creations in 18-karat gold and adheres to Genuine Values.

Wellendorff Fine Jewelry & Unique Engagement Rings ...
    Ernst Alexander Wellendorff began creating jewelry masterpieces for European royalty in the late 1800's. His family-owned business is the perfect blend of German culture and international jewelry craftsmanship and continues to flourish based on the unique design work and highest standards carried down for generations.

Wellendorff - Jewellery
    The Wellendorff Ring. Magic rings – the inner ring can be rotated smoothly and playfully. The Wellendorff Necklace. There is 18-karat gold, soft as silk, in our Wellendorff rope. The Wellendorff earring. The secret of Wellendorff earrings is in their ability to suit any style.

Wellendorff Jewelry Collection Cellini Jewelers NYC
    Cellini Jewelers is an authorized retailer for Wellendorff's fine jewelry collection. Shop now to see new releases and rare pieces.

Wellendorff Jewelry Schiffman's Jewelers
    Wellendorff is best known for its handmade golden silk “rope” necklaces that require a solid gold wire roughly as long as two football fields in length to complete. Shreve & Co. is the only Wellendorff retailer in northern California.

Royal Jewelers Wellendorff Royal Jewelers
    The patented bracelet clasp and the distinctive spinning of the Wellendorff rings are the result of exceptional technical expertise and precision to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. With a striking yet pared-back design, the Wellendorff Men’s Collection is the epitome of style. Men's World lim. 128. Limited-edition 2-752 men’s ring.

Wellendorff - Necklace
    The Wellendorff Necklace. Our Wellendorff Rope is made of 18-karat gold as soft and smooth as silk, fashioned using a technique developed over 43 years ago by Hanspeter Wellendorff: gossamer-thin gold wire is coiled by hand many times over to create a necklace. Light as the caress of a wisp of silk: The Wellendorff rope is the brand's best ...

Wellendorff - Ring
    The spinning Wellendorff ring Characteristic of our rings is the glistening, colourful Wellendorff-cold enamel that fills three levels of intricate engraving. High-precision goldsmithing has allowed us to create a special feature that the wearers of our jewellery love: The …

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    Experience the silky-soft feeling of Wellendorff jewellery on your skin: in addition to our Wellendorff Boutiques, our jewellery is available through a select international jeweller partner network throughout the world. Find your nearest Wellendorff dealer via our Jeweller search and visit our partner jewellers or one of our boutiques.

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