When you want to give a loved one the very best and a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime, look to buy personalised dogtags from Homage Jewellery. These pieces are unique in that they are designed with the individual in mind. A gift from Homage is also unlike that of jewellers. Offering a variety of personalized engraved pendants in white, yellow, and rose gold as well as solid sterling silver, Homage Jewellery is unique in that its pieces are minted. Their pieces are not cast from a melted alloy and your personalised message is engraved using a delicate process to ensure the structural integrity of your pendant.

Homage Jewellery has been supplying its premium quality personalised jewellery to Australian stores since 2011. They have been gaining a reputation for their fine craftsmanship and quality and can now be found in roughly 150 jewellery stores throughout Australia. It is not just the quality of the product that captivates buyers. When a customer is looking to buy personalised dogtags or a pendant of some sort, they are looking to give a gift that the recipient will cherish forever. Whether it is an anniversary message or a special phrase, Homage Jewellery captures the emotion that goes into each and every piece of jewellery.

Your personalised message is engraved using a unique process. It is not stamped on nor is it laser cut. A piece from Homage Jewellery is much different than that of a competitor. It is superior. Pieces are made from sterling silver or 9ct gold and will last much longer. When you want to give the best, give personalised jewellery from Homage.

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