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Amber Jewelry - Dominican Blue Amber and Larimar
    blue amber jewelry Fossilized amber, millions of years in the making, makes a fine memento of a Dominican stay. Blue amber, found near Santo Domingo, is prized for its lovely color. We work tirelessly to capture the intense color of Dominican amber, …

The best jewels of the Dominican Republic - Amber Jewelry
    All of our blue amber is genuine from the Dominican Republic and 100% natural. . Our amber are adorned with 925 silver We constantly show new pieces, so we recommend that you visit this page frequently to see if there is anything to your liking among the pieces on display, such as amber pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, earrings, beads,

Dominican Amber Jewelry by The Larimar Shop
    Amber Jewelry. The beauty of the Amber of the Dominican Republic is beyond any doubt unbeatable. It has a variety of brilliant colors, with more hues than any other Amber. Its transparency and great chromatic richness make our amber very valuable. The Dominican Amber, a fossilized tree resin, is between 15 - 25 million years old.

Blue Amber – Dominican Amber – Ambar Azul
    We wholesale amber from the Dominican Republic since the beginning of the century. Blue is the rarest of the natural colors of Dominican amber found on the Caribbean island La Hispaniola (Haiti / Dominican Republic), where we are located. We do not produce Amber jewelry. You will find many blue amber jewelry producers and amber jewelry retailers on the internet, if this is what you need.

Dominican amber jewelry - 'Tears of Goddesses' that hold ...
    Although other sources of amber may be desirable for 'antiquity', Dominican amber often includes genuine prehistoric insects and therefore is much sought after. These days the finest amber jewelry now retails at many tens of thousands of dollars.

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