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Rose Gold Filled Chain Bulk By Foot Wholesale
    Made In USA Unfinished Rose Gold Filled Chain Bulk On Spool For Jewelry Making Sold By Foot. Our 14K Rose Gold Filled Chains Cut To The Length You Ordered. Rose Gold Filled Chain Bulk By …

Rose Gold Bulk Chain - Jewelry Making Supplies
    Our Rose Gold Filled chain is the finest quality available anywhere. All of our Rose Gold Filled products at feature 14/20 Gold content (1/20th 14 Karat). Rose Gold Filled, or Rose Gold Overlay, is a process of pressure bonding a thin layer of 14 Karat Rose Gold over a Brass core. This method of bonding allows for a much thicker Rose Gold layer, which virtually never wears off, …

Gold Chain for Jewelry-Making -
    You'll find a variety of chain types all featuring a gold glow or the trendy pink hue of rose gold, from high-quality 14K/20 gold-filled chain to economical gold-plated options. These beautiful chain styles make excellent foundations for necklaces and bracelets, and can even be layered into other projects. The classic coloring is a great choice for timeless and sophisticated pieces, as well as more modern looks.

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