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The Jewel Box Revue: America's First Gay Community ...
    Dec 04, 2012 · The Jewel Box Revue became very successful and toured throughout the country for over three decades, even headlining at famed venues like the Apollo in New York City. But their contributions resonate far beyond their impacts on the field of female impersonation. In a very real sense Danny and Doc are the true godfathers of the modern gay community.Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

Jewel Box Revue - Queer Music Heritage
    The famed Jewel Box Revue was a touring company of female impersonators, that started in 1939 and lasted many years. Below is a program from the revue. It's not dated, but I guess it to be from the early 60s. Lynne Carter is on a few pages scattered through it, as is T.C. Jones. ...

The Jewel Box Revue - The WOW Report
    Jul 20, 2021 · The Jewel Box Revue was a famous drag/female impersonator touring company that began in 1939 and ran well into the 1960s. Danny Brown and Doc Benner were lovers and longtime producers of the revue, and were said to be pretty tough customers who never backed down from a fight and were known to run a very tight ship.Author: WOW Staff

Jewel Box Revue - Jewel Box Revue - Queer Music Heritage
    The Jewel Box History. There is a lot of fuzzy history surrounding the Jewel Box Revue. The program itself (circa 1946) from the Club Jewel Box in Miami says right off "Danny and Doc's Jewel Box was created by Danny Brown and Doc Benner in 1939 in Miami Beach, Florida." My research indicates this is not strictly correct.

The Jewel Box Revue, New York City, 1962 — The Estate of
    The Jewel Box Revue, New York City, 1962 — The Estate of. This incredibly entertaining show of thirty female-impersonators started in 1932 in Youngstown, Ohio. Co-Creator and Co-Director Danny Brown and Doc Brenner rejuvenated The Jewel Box Revue with a group of talented men, moved it from a night club in Miami to the Bal Tabarin in New York ...

Long Live the Jewel Box Revue Louis Proyect: The ...
    Jun 03, 2014 · The Jewel Box Revue was a female impersonation floor show and touring act. Founded originally in Miami in 1939, the Jewel Box relocated to New York in 1955, where the Jewel Box had its base ofoperations until it closed in 1973. DeLarverie was the only female in the show, and the only African-American member of the Jewel Box Revue. ...Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

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