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    Precious Secrets Joy Pendant. “I believe that joy is something to be shared, a smile is contagious. The design of this piece represents the joyous feeling being shared and expanding. I hope this piece will bring much joy to you and those you may share it with.” ~Yael. 18k yellow or white gold and diamond pendant with an open and lock system to capture your joyful memories.

    18k yellow or white gold and diamond pendant with an open and lock system to hide and protect your secret dreams. Comes packaged with your personalized secret message inside. Pendant is 3.6 cm, comes with a 30” chain. Each Yael Jewelry piece is handmade and may require 4-8 weeks before it is shipped. + leave me a short message to get more information

Yael Jewelry Behind the scenes of a jewelry brand
    This apple pendant carries the identity of Yael’s “Precious Secrets” collection, where each piece holds a special secret. The form is reminiscent of the signature egg shape from the collection and the apple encases 3 gold seeds. For Yael the apple is a symbol of life, and the seeds of …

November 2011 Yael Jewelry
    Yael speaks about “intuition” being an important factor in her decision making (see blog on 11/18). The Precious Secrets Intuition pendant is a limited edition piece, where only 7 are manufactured altogether, and each comes numbered. The pendants are encrusted with approximately 2.5 carats worth of diamonds, a stunning work of craftsmanship.

Yael Designs San Francisco, CA Custom Engagement Rings ...
    At Yael Diamonds, we have a great selection of Engagement Rings, Diamond Necklaces and Diamond Jewelry. We also create engagement Rings based on your center Diamond. Give us a call 415.989.9235

Kyiv Pass
    1Step. Choose the duration of your Kyiv PASS (24, 48, 72 hours). Remember, the longer your pass the more you save. 2Step. Click the “Buy Kyiv PASS” button. Purchase your Kyiv PASS Card by following the on-screen instructions. 3Step. Decide on date and time. Show it upon request by each attraction.

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