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1/2" (12mm) Plugs / Ear Gauges
    1/2” is a great size for more variety among jewelry. We've got your preferences covered with materials including stone, steel, glass and titanium styles. Flared and non-flared plugs and tunnels are available for both snug and seasoned piercings. UBJ’s mission is rooted in both body …

1/2" 12.5mm Plugs, tunnels, & gauges - Stretched piercings
    Sabo Wood Lion Teardrop Plugs. $26.95 - $34.95 (pair) 1/2" - 1". SALE 15% OFF $46.95 to $101.95. Glass Terra Plugs. $39.91 - $86.66 (pair) 0g - 1-1/8". SALE 15% OFF $167.95 to …

1-1/2" 38mm Plugs & tunnels Gauges stretched ears
    Dark Tamarind Wood Yggdrasil Plugs. $16.95 - $19.95 (pair) 1" - 1-1/2". Large Silicone Eyelets. $12.95 - $19.95 (pair) 1-3/16" - 2". Glass Snowflake Geometric Image Plugs. $40.95 - $114.95 (pair) 1/2" - 1-1/2". Forbidden Body Jewelry Set of Black 1/2 Inch ...
    Forbidden Body Jewelry tunnel plugs Silicone - 100% metal free and non-toxic. Soft and comfortable for easy insertion 1/2 inch earrings (12mm) Gauges for ears sold as a pair. Flexible, comfortable and easy to use INSTRUCTIONS: The gauge size is measured internally, at the narrowest point of the jewelry.4.5/5(45)

Shop Body Jewelry by Gauge: 1/2" - Body Jewelry for Your Body
    Body Vibe: Pair of Acrylic Single Flared Plugs 1/2" through 1" 42 in stock Discontinued - Last Chance $3.95 - $7.50 SALE - 50% OFF $1.98 - $3.75

Body Jewelry Plugs & Tunnels at Low Prices Online ...
    Shop Our Wide Selection of Body Piercing Jewelry, Plugs & Tunnels. Silver Obsidian Plugs. From $15.95. View product. Purple Haze Swirl Glass Plugs. From $11.95. View product. Amber Glass Plugs. From $11.95. View product. Sold out. 20G Black Traditional Rose Plug Hoops. $19.95. View product. Flash Hinged Segment Ring.

Plugs - Body Jewelry
    Address SalesOne LLC 16 Fitch St., Norwalk, CT 06855 USA. Phone Phone: 1-203-356-9077 Fax: (203) 356-9249 Working Days/Hours Monday - Friday / 9:00AM - 6PM (EST)

Plugs Tunnels Gauges Stretchers Hangers Dangles ... is an American lifestyle & plug company. Featuring a huge selection of body jewelry for those with stretched ears. Here you'll find a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to fit your plug needs. Aztec Circle Pattern Engraved Black Agate Stone Plugs. Sale. Aztec Circle Pattern Engraved Black Agate Stone Plugs from $24.04 $49.99. Dagger Skull Engraved Black Agate Stone Plugs.

Body Jewelry Shop King's Body Jewelry
    At King’s Body Jewelry we strive to have a large selection of high quality jewelry at affordable prices. We work to provide our people with strong customer service that reflects the energy of a small, local business. We carry almost every size and style of jewelry whether you need 18mm plugs or 3 …

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