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Friendship Silver Jewellery and Cute Jewellery Gifts Buy ...
    My Sphere of Life pieces are individually packaged in a luxurious silk or organza pouch or a My Sphere of Life Sphere nestled in a gift box. At My Sphere of Life, we decided that the quality of our jewellery was the most important facet of a gift and so we chose precious metals such as silver to provide the base and rhodium to encase the silver.

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    Make mum happy and show her how much you care on Mother's Day or a special occasion with the perfect gift by Sphere of Life. Our range of beautiful jewellery make a great, meaningful gift for mum. ... Angel - my love, my life - sterling silver pendant . £44.95. Sphere of Life. Quick view View Options. Compare Compare Items.

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    Feb 08, 2010 · What to know when buying Sphere of Life . These necklaces and bracelets are a high quality 18 carat gold, but are suited to fit the budget of the average consumer. Youthful in appearance are these pieces of whimsical and “spherical” jewellery, with their modern designs and wild setting for these modest diamonds. If you are a young and hip professional who is looking to make a fashion statement without screaming it, then Sphere of life diamonds …

Sphere of Life Designer Jewellery at Fabulous Collections
    Sphere of Life is the perfect jewellery gift. Each item is created to express a special sentimental message. Designed around themes taken from life, love and friendship you can express your sentiment to your nearest and dearest. The jewellery is beautifully packaged in a spherical box combined with a stunning pouch to house your special present ...

My Sphere of Life Discount Codes Buy Online Silver ... is an online shop dedicated entirely to the stunning range of themed silver jewellery. Sphere of Life offer a great selection of Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants & Coins, Charms & more. All Sphere of Life jewellery is handmade and designed in-house.

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